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About Me

Hi! I’m Blair. My wife and I live in Pittsboro, North Carolina with our baby daughter. I mostly write about enterprise software, product management, technology, culture and whatever else I care to ramble about on any particular day. I try not to blog about politics.

My Writing

Building Products for the Enterprise: Product Management in Enterprise Software – my friend Ben Gaines and I co-authored this book on (you’ll never guess!) product management in enterprise software, published by O’Reilly Media. It is very popular.

A hobby of mine is writing creatively. I self-published my first novel in 2017 on Amazon. Its title is The Second Transit – check it out! I am currently querying my second novel and about 80% finished with the third.

My 4 most popular blog posts of all time, based on traffic:

  1. Don’t work “remotely”
  2. Learn to Sell
  3. The Browser Monopoly
  4. Why you’re having trouble hiring
  5. AI is not coming for you

Here are some other popular ones:

Here’s a full list of my blog posts, in reverse-chrono order, that you can peruse.

People of the internet, hear my words

Here’s a video of my presentation at the Empower B2B conference in November, 2018. (This was after a 4am wakeup and 5-hour flight, so please cut me some slack.)

I’ve been on a few podcasts, mostly talking about our book and general topics on product management.

Stay in touch

I send out an irregular email update with a list of the most interesting stuff I’ve read on the web, plus a summary of my own writing. Subscriber growth is strong and click-throughs are high. You can also read past issues of my email updates at that same link.

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The easiest way to find me is on the Twitterwebs: @BlairReeves

If you want to drop me a line, I look forward to hearing from you. (I think.) blair (at)

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