Building Products for the Enterprise is live!

I’m thrilled to announce that Building Products for the Enterprise is now on sale on Amazon. Ebook versions can be downloaded immediately, and hard copies have begun shipping:

We’re authors!

Ben and I wrote this book because we thought it needed to be written. In it, we’ve tried to make a worthwhile contribution to the product management literature out there. We hope you agree that it lives up to that goal. If you do, would you mind leaving a good review? They help. Thanks a lot!

News on our book

There’s news on the book!

Refresher: a few months ago, O’Reilly asked to publish the book that Ben Gaines and I co-wrote this year on product management in enterprise software. We’ve been in editing cycles since then, getting feedback and some really awesome reviews from some big names. I’m super excited for y’all to see the final product.

Based on the feedback we received, we’ve decided to change the name – Make It So is no more. Our new title is Building for Business: Product Management in Enterprise Software. While I loved the Trek reference, I have to concede that it’s a little niche. “Building for Business” is catchier, I think (I mean, for product management – let’s not get carried away), and more germane.

You can learn all about the book at the (new) website: The old site will now redirect there, too. At the site, you can also read a sample chapter and get a heads-up when the book is released. Signups, I’m happy to say, have been brisk.

The book is also now up on O’Reilly’s website, though not available for preorders yet. I’m told that pre-orders will be available prior to publication. Go check it out!

Huge news about “Make It So”

O’Reilly has decided to publish Make It So as a full print version! Tentative publication is slated for February 2018.

For anyone unaware, Make It So has been the working title for the book on product management in enterprise software that Ben Gaines and I have worked on for much of 2017. We had originally planned to self-publish it as an ebook, but when O’Reilly heard about the project, they asked if we’d be interested in working with them. Ben and I have always wanted our names on a book with a cute animal in front, so we said sure. And there you go.

Go to the book website to read more about it. At a high level, Ben and I have both long found the prevailing Product Management literature to be poorly applicable to our lives in enterprise software. Most of what you read about “PM” is strongly oriented towards consumer-facing startups, and we thought that maybe there would be an audience for a closer look at how this function is done for the enterprise market. As a part of the book, we’ve collected input from some outstanding enterprise PMs at Salesforce, Adobe, IBM, Asana, Basecamp, Parsely and DynamicAction, among others.

More to say later, but for now… 🙌🏻 🔥 😎 ! You can check out the site for more info and sign up there to get an update when the book is released. (If I can finagle you a discount, I will.)