Hello world!

I’m restarting my own site. I’ve wanted to do this for a while, but, well, am just now getting around to it.

2017 has been a really busy year that is only going to get busier. I’ve been learning to focus more, which is good!

Things I have yet to do this year that I still want to:

  • Publish up the serial fiction thing I’ve been writing.
  • Read more fiction.
  • Launch an interesting side project with a few buddies of mine.
  • 1000-lb club at the gym
  • Buy a new banjo and re-learn. (I learned to play while in the Peace Corps, but had to leave it there.)

Some things I’ve basically cut out:

  • Facebook. Haven’t deactivated my account, but I’m basically off it.
  • Most TV. Reality is stranger than almost anything they come up with.
  • Reading distractions. I’ve tried to get better at quality > quantity.

Tips? Let me know.


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