The Second Transit

As I posted about the other week, I recently finished a first version of my first novel. I’ve now formatted it into an ebook and put it on Amazon. You can find it here.

I don’t have any illusions about capturing a wide audience or making money on my book (which, fully formatted in ebook form, came out to 271 pages! 😵). This has led me to wonder why I bothered with spending a year and a half writing in the first place – and the truth is, I don’t exactly know. I needed to write it. It was a creative outlet, I guess. A way to stretch and focus this part of my brain that doesn’t get enough exercise in the rest of my life. Like a story I could explore for myself.

FYI: I set up a “Free” promotion on Amazon that will be active for the next couple of days.

It probably won’t be my last creative project. I don’t especially love creative writing. Sometimes I just have to get ideas on a page, you know?


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