News on our book!

Some great news about our book!

“Building Products for the Enterprise: Product Management in Enterprise Software,” by Ben Gaines and yours truly and published by O’Reilly Media, is now available for pre-order on Amazon. It’s scheduled to be published in March of 2018.

Since O’Reilly asked us to publish under their brand back in August, their editorial team has been awesome. We both think that O’Reilly has helped us hone this into an even better book than we’d expected. I’m really excited (😅) to see what y’all think. You can learn more about the book, read a sample chapter, and get a heads-up when it’s on sale at the dedicated site:

EDIT 12/20 – Something I forgot to mention before – while only a physical copy is currently available for pre-order on the Amazon link, we will, of course, also offer an ebook version.

Ben and I decided to write this book after deciding that the existing PM literature out there was just insufficient for the enterprise software-specific challenges we were facing. We originally were planning to self-publish – we had no notion that a publisher, particularly one as prestigious as O’Reilly, would ever be interested. So this has been a really exciting ride for us.

To wit, we also had no idea we’d ever make any money writing this book. And in full transparency – we mostly won’t! As we mention on the book site, both Ben and I have committed to donating a large chunk of our royalties to two charities of our choice:

So that’s where your money is going; though if there’s any left over, as mentioned in the book, we may invest in some premium ice cream (Ben) and a bottle of nice bourbon (Blair).

We’re excited to see our work in print, and think this will be an awesome resource for enterprise Product Managers – the new, experienced, prospective or simply curious. We hope you’ll agree.


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