2020 in Books

This year was hard on us, like it was for everyone. Between sharing childcare with my wife when we had to pull Penny out of daycare, working full-time, and launching the Long Leaf Pine Slate, I had only a little time left over for leisure reading.

Since our daughter was born, something like 85% of my “reading” is now done on audiobooks, via Audible. Audio is sometimes criticized for not providing the fullness of a traditional words-on-paper (/screen) intellectual experience to the reader, and I find that that’s true. That said, it’s still pretty good, particularly if you actively listen. And anyway, the proper comparison is not between audio and traditional “reading,” but instead between that and not consuming any book content at all. Were it not for Audible, I would consume very few books. It just wouldn’t be feasible with our lifestyle. Audible is awesome.

In the gym, on (more infrequent) grocery trips and in the car, I listen to books. Here’s what I listened to – and, in some cases, even managed to read – in 2020 – and some of my top recommendations.