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2020 in Books

This year was hard on us, like it was for everyone. Between sharing childcare with my wife when we had to pull Penny out of daycare, working full-time, and launching the Long Leaf Pine Slate, I had only a little time left over for leisure reading. Since our daughter was born, something like 85% of […]

The Long Leaf Pine Slate – Lessons Learned

Back last winter – in the beforetimes, as they say now – I did a lot of thinking about how I could be most politically impactful in this election cycle. What I landed on was fundraising focused on my state legislature here in North Carolina. I wrote a blog about it – one of the […]

Thoughts on Fundraising

Today, I’m going to write a little bit about fundraising. Back in January, I decided to launch a project that has come to dominate the non-work hours of my 2020: The Long Leaf Pine Slate. Almost every night and weekend of this year, I’ve done something (or a lot of things) for “the Slate.” (If […]

Paying Remote Employees Fairly

I’ve been a vocal proponent of “remote” working for pretty much all of my career in technology – which, as it happens, started off in a fully remote gig. (Thanks, IBM!) My belief all along – as I’ve written about before – is that remote working is a fundamentally disruptive technology whose clear advantages will […]

The revolution will not be Zoomed

In the last few weeks, much of the white-collar professional world has gotten a crash course in remote* working. For the segment of society whose job is primarily done on computers, everyone’s working from home offices, bedrooms and kitchen counters now, meeting on teleconferences and Zoom. A lot of things are going to pieces in […]

Presenting: “Exaltation”

Last week, I self-published my second novel on Amazon. Its title is Exaltation. You can order it here. I’m posting the full first chapter here for anyone who wants to check it out. “Exaltation” is the culmination of 17 months of work for me. A lot of nights, weekends, more than a few early mornings […]

The Long Leaf Pine Slate

Today, I’m going to make an exception to my general policy of not posting about politics. But it isn’t just to blow off steam. This week, I launched the Long Leaf Pine Slate, a project dedicated to making a real, tangible difference in the way my state, North Carolina, is run. I’m going to explain […]

The year in review: 2019

I’m writing this on a (very) early morning flight. Having already watched Bohemian Rhapsody (it was great!), I still have over two and a half hours to go, so we’re going to do another year-in-review post. While blog posts like these have become something of a cliché, they’re useful for me to take stock of […]

How to set up your blog on AWS

A couple of years ago, I started blogging (again). At first, having forgotten how I’d done this before, I went through a painful and confusing process of setting up on a hosting provider. Soon thereafter, tired of paying monthly fees and really hating the provider, I moved my blog over to Amazon Web Services. My […]

Facebook Forever

For the last several years, I’ve been mostly absent from Facebook. I posted very rarely and checked it almost never. This wasn’t because of any particular choice so much as a lack of desire. The folks I wanted to check in with, I already text with. Twitter provides me with instant information and plenty of […]


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