The Second Transit

NEW: I’m now recording The Second Transit as an audiobook serial. Check out each chapter below:

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My book is called The Second Transit, and it’s available on Amazon. You can also view/download a sample chapter here. Here’s the book description:

On this lush planet, intelligent life has just begun to bloom. One night on their annual migration, a hunter-gatherer clan notices a new light in the night sky that they cannot identify. Though they don’t know it, they have spotted a supermassive asteroid that is on a course to be trapped into orbit by their sun. As it passes a hair’s width from their planet, the asteroid’s terrible gravity triggers widespread ecological mayhem: oceans heave with megatsunamis, noxious gases fill great swaths of land and sea, and terrible earthquakes roil its tectonic plates. The world as its inhabitants knew it is gone – forever.

So begins the orbit of the great asteroid, whose transit past this planet every 2,276 years scrambles the planet’s ecology, and in so doing, dashes lives, empires, and destinies. Each time, life on the planet stubbornly clings to existence, but must find a new way to persist as the world it once knew is irreparably changed.

Across the ages, women and men of all stripes – farmers and merchants, scientists and priests, slaves and explorers – must all find a way to survive as Tyo, the great asteroid, grows into mythology and defines history itself.

In 2017, I finally buckled down and completed the novel-length science-fiction/speculative-fiction story that had been chewing at my brain for almost two years. I finished writing and editing it over the July 4th weekend (as I wrote about at the time). It is the longest thing I’ve ever written, clocking in at about 270 pages, all formatted, over ten chapters. I think it’s the best piece of purely creative writing I’ve done.

I write as a side project. This is a hobby to me – a creative outlet. I don’t hang out on writers’ forums, go to workshops or gin up lots of short stories. I hold (and, I hope, excel at) a demanding day job, head a small but growing family, and have other interests besides. I am, in fact, very un-creative, and find the creative process confusing and difficult personally. So it took being powerfully inspired to get me to create this story from nothing. I don’t expect many people will ever read it. But I’m still proud.

Publishing this thing was scary, but also a source of great personal satisfaction. I’ve also gotten an up-close and personal look at the self-publishing book market, which has been fascinating. (I almost went to go work for Amazon as a Product Manager on the Kindle Direct Publishing platform once!) It’s inspired me to tackle another, yet more ambitious project. That one is still stewing. Given how long Second Transit took to manifest, I wouldn’t hold my breath for the time being. 😉

If you read the book, I’d love to hear your feedback, and would really appreciate a review on Amazon. And thanks.